Type conversion is when we explicitly convert type to another.

For example:

In order to be able to convert this string in to a number, in JS ,we have to do it with following function.

Now well define a variable with value a number:

  1. Initialize the project

2. cd the project

3. Open the editor

First lets list all folders and files

In order to build a QUIZ app we need to have some data and build functions necessary.


Let’s build an amazing app together.

We’ll have three folders in our project index.html, main.js, and style.css.

First lets create the new project in the terminal.


<script> tags is a JavaScript, connects the other folders with initial app.

Basically, we import the…

1.Values are piece of data. This are some examples of values in JavaScript.

2.This is call declaring a name, we assign the value “kim” to the variable name firstName.

if console.log, the value should appear in the browser console.

3.Conventions and rules in JS.

JS doesn’t accept just any names of variables, we can use next format of variables name


  • firstName
  • formTagName

Singular word

  • name
  • verb

Is prohibited in JS variables to start with a number

With React and Google Firebase

I’ll write code for a very basic register form, fully functional.

Let’s first set up the firebase to a new project.

Here we are creating a new project in firebase.

In your terminal add the next line to install the firebase.

Next step lets add firebase to the app.

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